At Canyon Health Anti-Aging, we offer customized hormone treatment programs and, as a result, the costs vary. We do not have a “one size fits all” approach to hormone therapy like some HRT providers.

Our customized/individualized approach is one of the reasons our therapies deliver effective and pronounced results in a safe and controlled manner. Your needs are not the same as another individual, and we take this into account.

All of our hormone therapy programs are based on specific needs and medical requirements of the patient. These needs and requirements are evaluated based on the results of your Initial Consultation which consists of:

  • Detailed Anti-Aging Laboratory Evaluation
  • Comprehensive Anti-Aging Health History Review
  • Anti-Aging Physical Examination
  • Accurate Diagnosis and Treatment Plan
  • Mailing of your Treatment Package to your home

Exact therapy pricing can only be determined after you have been seen and evaluated by your Canyon Health Anti-Agingphysician. All hormone therapy programs are carefully tailored for you and the cost of each hormone treatment is determined accordingly.

Here’s the real question: Can you put a price on your health, appearance and performance?

You can rest assured that our pricing is very competitive compared to other respected and established HRT, age management and anti-aging centers. We have negotiated the best rates possible with our pharmacies and pass these savings on to our patients.

Let us help you improve your quality of life, accomplish more, and feel better doing it.

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