Yes. Numerous medical studies attest to the safety of hormone replacement therapy using bioidentical hormones. All Canyon Health Anti-Aginghormone treatment programs are physician supervised and medically monitored to help ensure safety and efficacy.

We only prescribe the therapeutic dosages required to optimize your hormonal levels and we use only high quality, FDA-approved bioidentical hormones as medically indicated. Natural hormones have been growing in popularity for many years because they are highly effective and have fewer side effects than synthetic or animal-derived hormones. Again, our focus is to optimize your hormone levels so we can address your symptoms in a safe and effective manner.

Are there side effects with Hormone therapy?

As with any medical program there is always a chance of minor side effects, depending on the type and dosage of medications you are taking. Because our doctors only prescribe therapeutic dosages of natural-based, bioidentical hormones the potential for side effects is minimized.

Very few of our patients prescribed hormone replacement therapy (HRT) experience side effects, and when they do, these can usually be reduced or eliminated via dosage adjustment and alterations in lifestyle choices while on a treatment plan. All of our hormone treatment programs include follow-up lab testing for monitoring along with consistent and timely reviews by your anti-aging physician. This ensures your HRT treatment is safe and effective. And don’t forget: eat healthy, minimize alcohol consumption, and exercise regularly when on HRT.

It’s important that all Canyon Health Anti-Agingpatients discuss safety before and during hormone replacement therapy.

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